How to Increase WordPress Resources in Wampserver

You can tweak a few settings to make your local server capable of handling your WordPress site requirements. To Increase WordPress resources in Wampserver follow the below steps.

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WordPress Resources in Wampserver You Can Increase

You can increase six resources for WordPress in WAMP to have a better performance or get rid of the limitations:

  1. Maximum Execution Time
  2. Maximum Input Time
  3. Maximum Input Vars
  4. PHP Memory Limit
  5. Post Max Size
  6. File Upload Size

How to Increase WordPress Resources in Wampserver

The method and path are the same for everything. We do it by changing PHP settings. If your computer has enough resources, you can change them to the maximum selectable amount.

  • First, Run Wampserver by clicking on its icon in the Start Menu
  • Then, click the WAMP icon in the system tray
  • Next, hover over PHP and then over PHP settings
  • After that, from the bottom left, you can see 6 options with a green caret right
  • Now, hover over them one by one and increase them

As you can see, I have changed everything to the highest selectable value.

Restart Wampserver Services After the Above Changes

After making the above changes, you must restart Wampserver services to apply the new settings.

  • Click on the Wampserver icon in the system tray.
  • Click Restart All Services.

Double Check the Result in the WordPress Dashboard

It is time to check whether the changes are all set correctly.

  • Log into your WordPress administration dashboard.
  • Click on Tools > Site Health > Info
  • Make sure the changes have been reflected under the Server section.


You can do these steps, ensuring your local WordPress environment on Wampserver has the resources to run optimally.

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