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In the previous post of this blog, I helped you with the roadmaps for web development. There I introduced some roadmaps for a frontend developer, backend developer, etc. Now for learning web development, you should try different methods suitable for you, your living conditions, and your goals. Everyone learns differently and has different conditions and goals so the way that works best for me may work for you or not. It takes some time to figure out which method works better for you so be patient and keep on.

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W3Schools Web Development Resources

To learn web development topics, I suggest using W3Schools Web Tutorials. It includes subjects from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to server-side programming, XML tutorials, etc. It is a free resource but if you want a valid certificate from a course, you pay a fee and take the test.

W3Schools web development resources - Its logo
W3Schools logo

Try It Yourself

One of the best aspects of this website is its code editor. In each lesson, on each topic, you see some examples and you can click on the try it yourself button below them to see the editor. You can freely change the codes, see the result, and play with codes to learn more and test your understanding.

Exercises, Quizzes, and Examples

Exercises after some lessons are useful to see if you know the lesson’s learning material and review them. After finishing the course, you can test your understanding by taking a quiz. W3Schools has sections with examples for each course so you can learn by examples which is another way of learning.


Register on this website, because you can track what you’ve learned and where you are. It will help you in the future. For example, if a new lesson is added to a course, you see that you have not finished so you can take it. You also have a personal space that can be used to save your codes, etc.


W3Schools has a reference part for each course that can be a learning reference in the future to solve encountered problems. It’s good from one point of view because you are familiar with the site and its method so get the point quickly. But don’t rely on just one resource and try different ones when you search to solve a problem.

YouTube Web Development Resources

YouTube videos are also a great method of learning. You can watch and listen instead of reading. It is better for some who learn better by seeing and hearing. Videos are free and you also can benefit from instructors’ experiences and their unique methods of coding. It helps you to see how other people code, especially the experts.

YouTube website logo
YouTube website logo

Project-Based Web Development Courses

One of the best ways of learning how to code is to learn by doing a project. It has a huge benefit that you can watch many project-based courses on YouTube and rebuild them on your own. Some of these projects have come with source codes too. If you encounter a problem, you can also leave a comment that may get an answer from the tutor or the community.

Learn How to Learn and More

On YouTube, you can also find resources about learning web development methods. Some videos like this in general:

Or some videos like this in detailed and focused:

Many beginner developers have difficulties and concerns in the first steps of coding. Some videos try to help developers solve these kinds of problems. Some videos like this:

See this YouTube playlist for more videos like the above video: Developer Discussion: Industry, Career & Personal Help

Roadmaps Website Web Development Resources

Roadmaps Website has a feature that you can click on each node and see some resources I also recommend. After you learn the topics and resources, you can tick them to make them read. You can create an account on this website to keep track of your learning journey.


Search the web generally to find learning materials or when you encounter a problem while coding. There are other free and paid resources that you can find to learn web development like FreeCodeCamp, Udemy, Skillshare, etc. There are almost a learning resources for anyone on the Internet.

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