A Useful JavaScript CSS Tool to Make Codes Readable

Sometimes you need to read the codes to learn how to code, check for errors, search for malicious codes, or edit them for customization. In the case of minified codes, it is almost impossible! So what can you do? Is there a way to turn minified codes back to the original version? There is a JavaScript CSS Tool that you can use to do the task.

Use a JavaScript CSS Tool to Unminify

Like any other task, there are different tools to make it easier for us. Some of them work better and some might not work.

One of these tools for our specific task is the HTML Strip un-minify JavaScript tool. I put my minified code into it and test and it worked for me.

HTML Strip JavaScript CSS Tool logo

And it’s not just JavaScript. There are tools for un-minify CSS and HTML too. You can even minify your codes again with the help of this website.

You can access code un-minify and minify tools from the menu on the left. I didn’t test all the tools and just used JavaScript ones.


I tested some other websites for my example code but the one I mentioned was the best. If you use any better tool that works, comment below.

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