Roadmaps for Web Development: Step on The Right Way

In the last post of this blog, I talked about what exactly web development is. There I mentioned web development meaning, job opportunities in the web development industry, and who is a web developer. I also compared the main web development job positions including frontend, backend, and full-stack developer. Today’s post is about the roadmaps for web development.

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Roadmaps for Web Development Website

Assuming I want to become a web developer (frontend, backend, or full-stack). What should I do? Which path should I take to become a professional web developer? Fortunately, there are a lot of resources online that help us to become web developers. One of the best ones I like very much is the developer roadmaps website.

On that website, there are step-by-step guides for becoming a frontend developer, backend developer, React developer, Angular developer, etc. One of the good things about this website is that it is up-to-date. For example, if I want to become a modern front-end web developer, the below image can be my roadmap. Just note that this image may be outdated so go to the mentioned website URLto see the newest roadmap:

Roadmaps for Web Development Website - frontend development roadmap
frontend development roadmap

Other types of developers have other roadmaps as well. It also recently added a simplified version of roadmaps.

Web Development Roadmap – a Practical Guide

This annual guide (roadmap) for web developers has been published since 2017. It takes you from start to finish all the web development technologies available for frontend, backend, and full-stack developers.

Consider that it is a long video full of information and if you see it from start to end at once, maybe it can be overwhelming. So I recommend watching it in 45-minute or 30-minute divisions with a break between them.

web development roadmap video

What Are the Roadmaps for Web Development

The above roadmaps are detailed and maybe beginners will be afraid of the long way ahead with the languages, tools, and technologies. Of course, these roadmaps tell you don’t need to know everything.

For example in the frontend roadmap, first learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and even take a job and then dig deeper into other learning materials. But you may need a simplified version.

In this case, look at W3Schools’ roadmap for web development that is what you may want. It is a simple roadmap without any additional information that everyone can take easily for the first stages of their career.

W3Schools web development Tutorials

In addition to a roadmap page, this resource includes other information that a web developer may need and want to know. For example: what is HTTP, what is HTML, what is CSS, what is Responsive, what is JavaScript, etc.


Sometimes the road to becoming a web developer is confusing and frustrating for beginners. So I hope this post helps you to become a successful web developer with more ease and confidence. You can use this and search online for other resources too.

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