How to Change the WordPress Login Address

A good way to stop Brute Force attacks is to modify the default WordPress login address. Usually, to log in, you enter your site’s main address and then add wp-login.php. By following this article, you can alter the login URL. Just pick a new name for the last part of the login URL that usually has wp-login.php. By making this change, harmful bots and hackers won’t find the right login page URL, keeping your login page more secure.

How to Change the WordPress Login Address

This plugin is Hide My WP Lite which will hide and protect wp-login by renaming it.

After downloading, installing, and activating this plugin, in the WordPress admin area, from the navigation menu, select Hide My WP Login Settings.

In the Settings page, change the Login URL value to a non-related word. In this example, I entered autumn. You should remember this word to log in. Click on save settings.

From now on, if you want to log in to your WordPress Dashboard, enter the above word instead of wp-login.php in the log-in URL. You have to Enter: your-website-domain/your-chosen-word

More Options on the Settings page

There is an option to Hide Using a Specific Key that I ignore. It is just another way to do the above task.

The redirected URL option is a page where if a hacker enters your website-domain/wp-login.php, see it. The default page is the 404 page of your theme which means this path does not exist.

You can also Hide the Elementor plugin from your website front with the provided option. If you are using the Elementor, you can check it.


If you add a good security plugin to your website, you can see that there are dozens of failed attempts to enter your admin area via the WordPress login address. They are meant to hack your website. How can you protect yourself from being attacked in this way by hackers? Changing the login address is an easy and useful way. By utilizing this article, probably there will be no failed login attempts to your admin area (except your own). It is a related article to read: how to log in to your WordPress Admin area.

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