How to Change the WooCommerce Placeholder Image

If you want to change the WooCommerce placeholder image, this article is for you.

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First, Log in to the WordPress Dashboard

If you have trouble, click this link to get help: Log in to the WordPress admin dashboard.

Second, Upload the New WooCommerce Placeholder Image

You need to upload a new image. From the side menu, go to Media > Add New. After that drag and drop the new image to the specified area. Or you can click on Select Files and choose your image.

After the image is uploaded, click on the Edit link.

Copy the ID number of the image that exists after ?post= that you see in the browser’s tab URL of the opened page. See the example below:

In this case, the ID number was 101.

Third, Change the WooCommerce Placeholder Image

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Placeholder image from the side menu. Then change the value of it with the new image ID number that you copied before:

Now, click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page:

Now, See the Result

Here is the new placeholder of the same website:


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